How to reduce cholesterol in the Indian diet

Your husband has been diagnosed with high cholesterol and has been advised to follow a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Now comes the challenge for the lady of the house – to serve healthy and tasty foods. This is as hard a task as changing the eating habits acquired over the past years.

It is a wrong notion that the more oil you use in cooking, the tastier the food. If you can follow the tips given below, your meals can be satisfying and healthy too! And believe me it is worth the change. It is also time to change the habits of everyone in the house and teach the younger generation about eating healthy.

Foods to restrict/avoid

Rich pastries, doughnuts, croissant, deep fried snacks and sweets, cream, butter, ghee, mayonnaise, shrimps, liver, sausages, hamburgers, red meats, full cream milk and yogurt, kheer, condensed milk, evaporated milk, all full fat cheeses, fast foods, coconut oil, palm oil,
Restrict use of coconut milk, dessicated or fresh coconut.

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